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Land Rover Defender (1991-2016) Rostyle Inspired RS-Forged Alloy Wheels By Chelsea Truck Company Refined in the UK By Kahn

£2,400 INC.VAT

Set Of 4

Enquire Land Rover Defender (1991-2016) Rostyle Inspired RS-Forged Alloy Wheels

Size Front Wheel: 9 x 18"
Size Rear Wheel: 9 x 18"
Colour: RS-Forged Matt Black
Vehicle Fitment: Land Rover Defender 1991-2016
Copyright Design By Kahn Design
Part Number: WACRF8151M1R-1


The renowned Rostyle wheel  or custom wheel was an option for the Land Rover Defender 90 from its inception in 1983 right up until 1995 - meaning the Defender became the last vehicle that offered them as new.

Our Rostyle RS-Forged Light Alloy black Wheel was designed with this in mind and created for the purist who desires a more retro-classic look for their Defender.

There are, of course, other Rostyle inspired wheels on the market but our Rostyle Inspired is much more deserving of its legacy. Look at this deep dish design and you will see that we haven't tried to replicate the Rostyle, but actually improve on it so that it is suited for the Defender of today.


In terms of practicality, the forging process used as part of the creation of this wheel means that not only is it much stronger and more durable, but also lighter than other styles you may find. This combined with the lower unsprung weight on our alloy, it allows the suspension to do a better job of stabilizing the vehicle - which needless to say is a big win for any Defender fanatic.


The wheel comes as standard in Satin Black but has been designed with split lines to accommodate custom paint options as shown in the image gallery, to discuss this please contact us before placing your order.

These wheels are not original equipment manufacturer (OEM) - these are aftermarket wheels designed and manufactured by KAHN®.

Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired the design of the Rostyle Inspired RS-Forged black Alloy Wheels for Land Rover Defender (1991-2016)?

The Rostyle Inspired RS-Forged black Alloy Wheels were designed with inspiration from the renowned Rostyle wheel, an option for the Land Rover Defender 90 from 1983 to 1995. The goal was to create a retro-classic look for purists who desire a distinctive appearance for their Defender.

How does the Rostyle Inspired wheel differ from other Rostyle-inspired wheels on the market?

The Rostyle Inspired wheel goes beyond replication; it improves on the original design to suit the Defender of today. The deep dish design is a testament to this improvement, providing a more modern and stylish appearance.

What practical benefits does the forging process bring to the Rostyle Inspired RS-Forged Alloy Wheels?

The forging process used in creating these wheels results in increased strength, durability, and reduced weight compared to other styles. The lower unsprung weight contributes to improved suspension performance, enhancing the overall stability of the vehicle—an advantage for any Defender enthusiast.

Is the Rostyle Inspired wheel available in custom paint options?

Yes, while the wheel comes standard in Satin Black, it is designed with split lines to accommodate custom paint options. To discuss and explore custom paint choices, it is recommended to contact us before placing your order.

How can I order the Rostyle Inspired RS-Forged Alloy Wheels for my Land Rover Defender?

To order the Rostyle Inspired wheels, visit the official KAHN® website. Follow the provided ordering process to secure these unique aftermarket wheels for your Land Rover Defender.

How do the Rostyle Inspired Wheels contribute to the overall aesthetics of my Land Rover Defender?

The Rostyle Inspired wheels add a deep dish design and a retro-classic look, improving on the original Rostyle design. This enhancement contributes to the overall aesthetics, making your Land Rover Defender stand out with a modern yet nostalgic appearance.

Are the Rostyle Inspired RS-Forged Alloy Wheels original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products?

No, these wheels are aftermarket products designed and manufactured by KAHN®. They offer a unique and customized upgrade for your Land Rover Defender, distinct from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) wheels.

Can the Rostyle Inspired Wheels be used for off-road driving, or are they primarily designed for on-road use?

While designed for both on-road and light off-roading use, it's recommended to consult with KAHN® or a professional for guidance if you plan on specific off-road driving conditions.


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