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Range Rover Sport (2022-Present) Type 57 RS-Forged Alloy Wheels By Kahn Refined in the UK By Kahn

£3,398.02 INC.VAT

Set Of 4

Enquire Range Rover Sport (2022-Present) Type 57 RS-Forged Alloy Wheels

Size Front Wheel: 10 x 23"
Size Rear Wheel: 10 x 23"
Colour: Shadow Chrome
Vehicle Fitment: Range Rover Sport (2022-Present)
Copyright Design By Kahn Design
Part Number: T57103SC2

The Type 57 is designed to take the original Range Rover Sport (2022-Present) Centre cap and wheel nuts/bolts.

The RS-Forged lightweight process makes them lighter than conventional cast wheels.

These wheels are not original equipment manufacturer (OEM) - these are aftermarket wheels designed and manufactured by KAHN®.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Range Rover Sport (2022-Present) Type 57 RS-Forged Alloy Wheels stand out?

The Type 57 boasts a distinctive design and is tailored to fit the Range Rover Sport (2022-Present) original Centre cap and wheel nuts/bolts for an authentic and stylish appearance.

How do the RS-Forged Alloy Wheels differ from traditional cast wheels?

The RS-Forged lightweight process ensures these wheels are lighter than conventional cast wheels, enhancing overall vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.

Can I maintain the original Range Rover Sport (2022-Present) Centre cap with the Type 57 wheels?

The Type 57 is carefully designed to accommodate the original Range Rover Sport Centre cap, preserving the iconic look of your vehicle.

Are these wheels part of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product lineup?

No, the Type 57 RS-Forged Alloy Wheels are aftermarket products exclusively designed and manufactured by KAHN®, offering a unique and personalized touch to your Range Rover Sport.

How does the lightweight construction of the Type 57 benefit my vehicle?

The lightweight nature of the RS-Forged Alloy Wheels contributes to improved vehicle dynamics, handling, and fuel efficiency without compromising strength or durability.

Are there different finish options available for the Type 57 wheels?

Currently, the Type 57 wheels are offered in their signature design. For customization options, please inquire with our team for personalized recommendations.

Can these wheels be installed on my Range Rover Sport (2022-Present) without professional assistance?

While professional installation is recommended, explore our installation guides or consult with an authorized dealer for a seamless fit.

Is there a warranty or guarantee for these wheels?

Yes, our wheels are crafted with precision and quality materials. Specific warranty details can be discussed during the purchase process.

Can I use the Type 57 RS-Forged Alloy Wheels for off-road driving?

The Type 57 is primarily designed for on-road use. If you have specific off-road requirements, please consult with our specialist sales team for suitable recommendations.

How do I place an order for the Type 57 RS-Forged Alloy Wheels, and what is the delivery process?

To place an order, contact us directly for personalized assistance. Our team will guide you through the ordering process and provide information on delivery options.

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