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Jun 28, 2022


As personalised number plates continue to increase in value, it seems that people are choosing to buy them instead of investing their hard earned cash in the stock markets and property.


From devoted parents who purchase number plates as ‘investments’ for their young children to everyday people who purchase number plates to sell on for twice the price, more and more people are joining the rush to buy up desirable number plates.


Motoring writers have also picked up on this growing trend: “What struck me as most interesting is the fact that ordinary people are buying these plates as investments,” said the Mirror’s Quentin at a number plate auction.


He went on to describe how an electrician, who was sitting next to him, was buying up cheap plates on his day off to sell on to his friends for a tidy profit!


A vast number of people have cottoned on to the fact that you can make some serious money from number plates. Look at our very own Afzal Kahn, having purchased the F1 number plate for a cool £460,000, the principal British designer was reported to have recently turned down a bid in excess of £10 million – now that’s what we call profit!


And even though the shorter number plates, such as 180, which was purchased by Afzal Kahn at an auction are still the most desirable and sought after, now is definitely the time to snap up the old style marks before the prices rocket.


While, like stocks and shares, prices of personalised number plates go down as well as up, some popular plates have been showing astonishing increases. The regal 4 HRH number plate was reported as one of the most expensive number plates in the UK, whilst the 4 K number plate is valued at £300,000.


We have wide experience of valuing numbers and are used to providing valuations, not just for sales but for customs & excise, probate and divorce. Remember that you will be entrusting valuable documents to a third party, whom you need to be able to trust.


Of course, individuals can transfer numbers between themselves, but it's difficult to agree on the valuation and it can be expensive to advertise. 


You may not transfer a number from a newer car to an older one, to make the older car appear more recent. 


For discerning customers craving for the perfect number plate – Kahn Design has on its books: AF02 ALS, T44 LKS, N33 WWS, 1 CEO, WB12 AML, HE11 WAR and much more.


The other way to buy is at auction. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency also holds regular public auctions. You can bid by post or telephone, in person, or for a fee, a dealer will bid for you.


When you have secured your number, you will be sent a certificate of entitlement (V750) that is valid for 12 months. Note that you do not "own" your number as a piece of property. It is assigned to a vehicle, although, under the Retention Scheme, it may be held temporarily on a certificate. If you do not assign the number to a vehicle within the year you can apply for an extension of the certificate.


To have the number transferred to your vehicle, you must contact your local Vehicle Registration Office, you will have to produce your V750 certificate of entitlement, vehicle registration document (V5), current tax disc and test certificate.


At Project Kahn, we have many clients who have been satisfied with our no holds barred advice on which private number plates are likely to not only hold their value, but increase in the future.


We also discuss the merits of each registration mark, the positives and the negatives, in a positive and transparent manner and show you exactly how to minimise your risk. 

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