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Drive Safely In Difficult Weather Conditions

Dec 1, 2021


Project Kahn and Chelsea Truck Company would like to remind drivers to remain cautious in adverse weather conditions, following reports that further snowfall could possibly cover parts of the UK.

Drivers are urged to follow the guidelines below and make sure they are prepared.


Prepare your vehicle.


  1. Tyres should be inflated to the acceptable levels and have plenty of tread left in them, as this should help the driver control the car, should any situations potentially arise. Do not risk losing control of your vehicle - it is important to take care and slow down.


  1. Please ensure water, antifreeze and coolant levels are at the correct level this should prevent the engine.


  1. Indicators, head and fog lights and wiper blades should be in pristine condition.


  1. Make sure you have an ice scraper, de-icer spray, mobile phone and charger.


  1. If your car gets stuck in snow and you cannot move, don’t panic, stay in the car and call for assistance.


  1. Slow down before you approach bends, thus by the time you turn the steering wheel you have already slowed down.


  1. Map your journey around busy roads as they are more likely to have been gritted and cleared of snow as opposed to small roads.


  1. Foresee situations well in advance, your usual stopping distance should be increased threefold so that you are not relying on just your brakes to stop.


  1. Slow down before you approach bends, this will ensure that by the time you turn the steering wheel you have already slowed down.

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