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Film Director/Producer required

Feb 15, 2022



If you love the idea of creating films and sharing ideas but prefer to stay behind the scenes this could be, you’re dream role.  



As a film director, producer you will be asked to head up all filming and broadcasts for a great new concept. Your additional jobs include setting up live broadcasts and caring for camera equipment to guarantee filming moves smoothly and stays on schedule. This is the perfect job for an individual with a vast book of contacts who has an innovative, creative side but prefers the privacy of being behind the lens.  



Job Responsibilities 


  • Operate motion picture or television camera as you record scenes and broadcasts. 


  • Know and apply the technical aspects of lenses, film, filters, light and camera settings to each shot to ensure the director gets the effect he or she wants. 


  • Adjust printers, camera controls, and any related equipment to find the right lighting, exposure and focus. 


  • Work with other film professionals, including electricians, lighting technicians and directors to determine desired effects, lighting requirements, camera movements and filming sequences. 


  • Arrange filming to best suit the settings on the camera, and control the lighting equipment, film stock, audio and cameras to get the result the director desires from the film. 


  • Maintain, clean and test all broadcasting equipment and cameras to ensure every tool is in good working order each day before filming starts. 


  • Watch filming sets closely to determine if problems are present in regards to camera angles and lighting and notify the director about issues before filming starts. 


  • Remain updated on new technology and current industry trends to ensure you bring the latest methods to the job. 



Job Qualifications 




  • Technical degree in broadcasting, digital electronics or any related field 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills 
  • Proficient with basic office equipment 
  • Vast book of contacts 




  • Previous work or education experience shooting film 
  • Flexible schedule and weekend availability 


E-mail a covering letter and CV to to apply.

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