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Dec 1, 2022


In a world where taxis are regarded as utilitarian vehicles, meet the Farelady edition, the modern exception.

A British brand with more than 100 years of history, the London Electric Vehicle Company, formerly known as the London Taxi Company, created with the advanced TX5 model the world's most instantly recognisable electrically-powered taxi.

Having been commissioned in 2017 by the London Taxi Company to produce the Last of Line edition from the 5 final units of the iconic TX4 taxi to leave the production line, Kahn have since taken on the next generation TX5, upon which the Farelady edition is based.

Afzal Kahn said: "It is always a privilege to work on what is truly one of the most iconic cars in the world. The Last of Line edition was a great success for us, with the vehicles all finding homes with private collectors, and I look forward to embarking on a journey with new clients who wish to possess their own piece of British history in the form of the TX5 taxi.

"May I take this opportunity to thank the team at the London Electric Vehicle Company for the engineering expertise and technical support.

"The fully converted TX taxi is priced from £99,000 + VAT and can be ordered in left- or right-hand drive in a choice of colours including black, blue, British racing green, silver and grey. The interior package is also available in a plethora of colours covering the entire spectrum of modern and traditional hues. The restyling has been undertaken in manner respecting the TX5's design, integrating with and flowing from the styling of the original vehicle.

"You can imagine discerning clients cruising in the back of this iconic vehicle which features a super luxurious finish and a classic, understated design while at the same time reducing emissions in cities and delivering substantial savings for operators who chauffeur clients in style."

The customised Farelady edition is truly unique. Elegant enhancements to the exterior include a styling programme consisting of a vented Maybach inspired front grille and front valance allowing optional colour highlights, a roof spoiler designed to allow further colour-splitting, and specially designed monoblock forged and machined lightweight alloy wheels, in a staggered 18" front and 19" rear fitment.

At the push of a button, a 'VIP' roof light is illuminated, signalling the journey of discerning clientele towards hotels, restaurants, or any other exclusive venue.

The interior of the Farelady edition has been designed and fitted out in luxurious style, highlighted by features such as deep, soft carpet and Bugatti Chiron inspired quilted seats which give the vehicle a supercar touch. Step inside and the headliner is scattered with starlight - a stunning feature commonly seen in Rolls Royce vehicles - amongst other sophisticated design touches including soft perforated, breathable leather, all showcasing British craftsmanship and opulence. On top of the comfort upgrades there are technological changes too, including wireless phone charging, switchable LED lighting and USB charging points.

For those desiring a more bespoke conversion, Kahn accepts requests to personalise and tailor a vehicle to the customer's exact specification.

Please be advised, we are also looking for agency dealers around the world to take this project forward with us and can be contacted via:

The Farelady Editions are available now. Please see the links below:

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Kahn Automobiles

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