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All the Accessories You Will Ever Need to Rig Out Your Defender

Dec 17, 2019


Purchasing a Land Rover Defender is a great feeling and if you have one sitting in your garage, you already know how special these vehicles are.


From the moment the Chelsea Truck Company vehicle is delivered to your door, chances are you have been thinking about taking a little extra time to make sure it is as rough and tough as possible to get you through all the rugged terrain you know it can handle.


If you’re wanting to rig out your Defender, you’re probably wondering where to start and if you’ve been checking into products, you already know it can be frustrating to narrow down exactly what you need to do to even get started.


To help with this, we’ve put together some of the best accessories that will help build up your vehicle and ensure it is rigged out to the max, so you can get started on all the adventures awaiting you.




The first thing people notice about a vehicle is what they see on the outside. So, to really make your exterior stand out, here are some of the best accessories to check out.


Mesh Headlight Covers


Made from industrial strength mesh, these covers from Chelsea Truck Company are ideal for all terrains and they’ll make your Defender stand out as an endearing presence no matter where you drive.


Front Grille with Stainless Steel Mesh


To “mesh” with your new headlight covers, you’re going to love the tough mesh grille that shouts adventure as you tackle the open road or the tough and rugged terrain.


Roll Bars


While these roll bars are not made for safety purposes, they will certainly make your Defender look even tougher than it already looks. Made from 3-inch tubular steel, having these bad boys installed will be a great way to turn some heads in your direction.


Sump Guard


A zinc coated aluminum front bumper sump guard is going to add to a tough appearance and will double as added protection against underside scrapes that can cause damage to your Defender.




Your Defender most likely came with some sweet stock tyres, but, stock tires are geared towards smooth, paved roadways and seldom ever will you find a good tyre designed for the rugged driving you may have planned. Stock tyres won’t hold up to your off-road adventures for very long.  Cooper Tyres are ideal when you want to really make your Defender look while also having it ready for all types of terrain that you need it to handle.


Cooper Discoverer


For all your off-road travels through the mud, sand and other terrain, the Cooper Discoverer has an alternating tread pattern to help deliver stable handling and a smooth, quiet ride. With a capacious exterior, you’ll have three times the protection of a standard tire for those times that you drive through harsh terrain.




Moving to the inside of your Defender, you already love the luxurious comfort and style and it may be difficult to even fathom it could be better, but guess what? There are even more items you can add to accent the comfort and style even further. Let’s check out a few of the more popular features to include inside your vehicle to really rig it out and be the envy of everyone you know.


Satellite Navigation System


A nice navigation system is not only a great benefit to have when traveling, but the screen pops out and brings a luxurious look to your dash. The best thing about the satellite navigation is system is you will be able to travel anywhere in your Defender without the fear of losing your way and not knowing where to turn.


Dash Storage Box


You’ll never have to worry about tossing mail, phone accessories or other items onto the passenger seat again when you have a nice area geared just for storage that has a sleek appearance and room for those typical items we toss around in the car. The dash storage box lets you work with the space you already have so you can easily store items and get them out of sight and into a nice storage compartment.


Rubber Mats


There is no excuse for running a perfectly good floorboard when you can have nice, rubber mats to catch spills, handle muddy shoes and more.


Vented Foot Pedals


Vented foot pedals are a great addition to the interior of your Defender as they not only have an aerodynamic appearance, but they are also made from rugged stainless steel which means you’ll never have to worry about them breaking or tarnishing.


Red Seat Belts


Nothing says bling like red seat belts and having these great belts installed in your Defender are going to completely change the interior look altogether. Red is a royal, powerful color and one that will let everyone know how rugged your vehicle is.


The most important thing to consider when you’re planning to rig out your Chelsea Truck Company Defender is how you are going to use it.


Will you be traveling solely on paved roads with friends or will you venture out into rougher terrain? You also need to know how much storage space you need for water, extra fuel, food and emergency supplies. You will find many storage options that will not only look nice but will offer rugged protection for your equipment during your adventures.



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