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Automotive Tailoring

Nov 20, 2019

By that actually a spoke edge plunged in the middle of those 23” wheels, albeit in Shadow Chrome, displaced upwards, in a sparkly cascade, as such?


It’s like this, when one’s looking at the Project Kahn collection of wheels, holding your head this way and that, as you try to fathom exactly what it is that something’s reminding you of, is the tantalising essence of Kahn: the seesawing between chic and automotive tailoring that makes Afzal Kahn’s collection of wheels, so visually appealing.


The principal British designer has always been acknowledged as both a precocious and truly gifted talent.


His Kahn Design, Chelsea Truck Company and Project Kahn collection of wheels have become one of the powerhouse labels in relation to automotive fashion with a renowned International profiles. 


His knack of constant innovation, rebellious masculinity and extraordinary skill, ensures his designs continue to surprise and seduce with an ineffable sense of chic.


This sketch, of the new multi-spoke Project Kahn Type 52 wheel exudes three-dimensional form and clear-cut lines, which no doubt accentuates the silhouette of the vehicle; because this Project Kahn wheel has a complex geometrical make up hence a very strict manifold design criteria had to be satisfied, such as style, weight, manufacturability, and performance.


Additional factors that we emphasised in terms of manufacturing this alloy wheel, included strength to weight ratio, low cost and better fuel consumption.


The quality of the alloy wheel was tested using high technology devices in order to achieve the customer's needs and standards according to respective bodies, hence the type 52 Project Kahn wheel personifies automotive couture.

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