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Best of British: Kahn Vengeance

Sep 10, 2020

By Project Kahn


Many of us can only dream of building your own vehicle.


A supercar owner and connoisseur since his late teens, British designer Afzal Kahn has always sought to push the boundaries of automotive design, developing a distinctive, aggressive style.


The Vengeance is a testament of Kahn's lifelong pursuit to create the car he has always wanted to drive.


Inspired by the Aston Martin designs of the 1980s and 90s, Kahn's unique personality is evident in every curve of the coachbuilt body, the result of a painstaking design process, working and reworking each line and surface to the point of perfection.


During an interview with Drive, Kahn described how he first began to study architecture with the goal of designing buildings but quickly discovered that it just wasn’t for him, and left him uninspired.


He took the passion that he already had for automobiles and begin a career working with them. After designing all kinds of parts and wheels, he saved up for years in order to create his own car.


To find out more about the Kahn Vengeance, click here and view the interview with Afzal Kahn below.





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