Afzal Kahn’s F1 number plate has been featured a part of the ‘California Dreamin’, an Uncertain Paradise” exhibit at the MAC Museum of Art and Cars in Singen, Germany.

The world’s most sought after number plate takes pride of place at the exhibition via a red painting entitled “The Designer,” by acclaimed West Hollywood based artist, Todd Williamson.

The exhibit opened on the 31st of October, with art world personalities such as Sixtine Crutchfield, Silke Kastien, Ursula Baudson, Joni Levy, Raoul Rosenbaum, and Philipp Thomas said to be in attendance.

Speaking to Kahn News, Todd spoke of his delight at having featured Mr. Kahn in the exhibition: “Mr. Kahn is represented abstractly in the exhibition in a wonderful red painting,” said Todd.

“Since the works is an abstract portrait, I thought this a fitting title to Mr. Kahn and I use red because it is a colour of passion, power, and conviction,” added Todd.

Todd insists the reasoning behind the exhibition was to create a discussion around car culture and why number plates can be worth vast sums of money, many times more than the vehicles they often adorn.

“I am a big car buff myself, so I understand the lengths we go to in order to have the perfect car or accessory. I used the license plates as a way to start a discussion on the importance of cars and number plates in our world.

“With my art, I like to involve the audience by getting them to question something that is happening in society currently. There is no judgment presented and I only present the idea and ask if they had given it any consideration. Society is so busy today that few people take the time to give many things time or consideration.”

Williamson is at pains to mention the fact that he is a big fan of Afzal Kahn’s design and aesthetics, explaining he is hoping to accept an invitation to meet the British Designer at the Chelsea Truck Company showroom in Chelsea.

“I am a big fan of Mr. Kahn's design and aesthetics and I am honoured that he has seen my tribute to him and his amazing collection. I am more honoured to be invited to the showroom to meet him and I hope I am able to do this soon. I travel through London often, so it really is an honour.”

Chris has also extended an invitation for the principal British designer to visit the privately-owned Mac museum in Germany: “I would like to invite Mr. Kahn to the exhibition, we would be happy to arrange a private tour.”

Williamson’s exhibit in Singen, Germany, follows his participation in the Venice Biennale. His project there, “Processional,” was “a statement on ‘influencers and thought provokers’ and the power they have in today’s society,” said Williamson, who is a member of the city’s Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission.

The artists work includes registration plates such as 1 also purchased by a private collector.

“Collectors such as Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Ralph Lauren, John Cena, Gerard Lopez, or the Sultan of Brunei (with his 7,000 strong collections of automobiles) are examples of this.


“The imagery of in many of the paintings represents the life path chosen by individuals such as Mr.Kahn and the personality traits are shown using colour, mysticism, and established thought on how colours represent our personalities and emotions.”


“In my current Venice Biennale exhibition, Processional, I ask the viewer about social media and the power of a tweet. I used colour as my medium to create ‘abstract portraits’ of the people that I discuss in the exhibition. The question for this exhibition was about social media power. With great power comes great responsibility.”


To find out more about Todd’s work, please view his web site here.