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Italian Motoring Excellence

Dec 4, 2019


The Ferrari 458 Italia takes centre stage as Project Kahn takes this very welcome opportunity to review the vehicle everyone wants to drive: Ferrari 458 Italia.


In the flesh, from every angle, the 458’s couture is, quite simply, delicious.


Shrouded in voluptuous Black livery, attracting everything and everybody around it like a magnet, this expression of motoring excellence is Italian of nature.


When most people are given the keys to the 458, they reminisce about how much they were looking forward to seeing the looks on virtually everyone’s face when they got to see him or her behind the wheel.


This, you can attribute to the fact that owning a Ferrari is enough, it is a status symbol ensuring everyone around you knows ‘you have made it to the very top’.


Enzo Ferrari himself said that you bought his engine and got the rest of the car for free. And the legendary Italian’s sentiment has never been more ecstatically distinguished than in the 458 Italia.


Technology oozes from every corner of this machine. The engine is based on the motor Ferrari built for the A1GP racing car. It uses a very clever variable intake system that allows the engine to rev to 9,000rpm but also pull very strongly from low speed.


This magnificent machine will come at you at 62mph in a mere 3.4 seconds and – rather tellingly you will find yourself doing 124mph in only 10.4sec before you know it!


Loud it is. Loud enough to obviate passenger chat, which is a good thing if you are sick to the back teeth of nonsensical wife verbosity. However, the leather interior is very comfortable; no doubt the passenger should doze off or relax completely.


It is worth noting that should customers desire, they can have whatever they want in terms of the interior, the colour of your shirt or shoes, the choice is theirs.


The seven-speed, dual-clutch is absurdly easy to use, silky and swift in operation, it makes an instant hero of anyone who flexes their fingers round the helm, and you have the most engaging intoxicating driving experience one can recall.


The only slight snag is that, as your confidence (and ego) seemingly grows as you have to slow down for minor irritations such as other traffic and…


Once it’s time to hand the keys back, one will just want more and more. Akin to an obsession, you’ll be more sorely tempted to drive it over and over again. Best avoid the passenger seat, though, unless you want to totally ignore someone....


If you have £133,999.00 to spare, this is the ideal vehicle for you.






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