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Join the Kahn WhatsApp Community

May 22, 2024

By Liam Lawson

How do I become a member of the group channel?

We’ve made it a bit easier this time round. All you have to do is simply click on this link via your mobile, to join the WhatsApp group channel or head here: Project Kahn | WhatsApp Channel

Will I receive notifications when exclusive news drops?

Yes, absolutely, but you need to ensure you turn notifications on as soon as you join the channel. This is done by simply unchecking the 🔔 icon on the WhatsApp channel homepage.

If it’s a channel, does that mean that other people will be able to see my number?

No. We’ll be sending messages via the WhatsApp channel – no one can see your information.

Can I opt out of receiving messages?

Of course. You can mute notifications or leave the channel at any time.

Will Kahn HQ respond to my messages in return?

Whilst we welcome questions relating to all things Kahn, our cars & products and the automotive industry, we won’t be able to respond but please do check out our social handles or website at anytime.

Instagram: @ProjectKahn | @ChelseaTruckCo | @RacingGreenAutomotive

What happens if I share the group chat link with a friend?

If they click on the link, join the channel and unmute the notification icon 🔔, this means they will also be the first to hear exclusive news & content.


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