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Pearl White Project Kahn Mercedes Benz X Class

Jan 9, 2020


Arriving in the Project Kahn Mercedes Benz X Class in Monte Carlo or would ensure everyone will know someone special is about make a grand entrance; this 'Pearl White' beauty has a richness befitting a car of this exclusive nature.


The X Class has the pluto-matic market all to itself; a first cousin only to silence, and manners. One thing for sure: the Pearl White Phantom certainly communicates style via its stylish silhouette. 


Recognisable as a Mercedes model, like none ever seen before, the 22” G06 wheels give the vehicle a powerful disposition whilst the wheels are covered by robust front and rear vented wide wheel arches.


The exterior enhancements are almost too numerous to list, however exterior enhancements include a front bumper grille, vented bonnet and front bumper vents, suspension lift, side steps, protective door guards and a front bumper lower aero crash bar along with a front A bar (stainless steel) are notable additions.


Behind the privacy tinted glass, one will find that the cabin is the beneficiary of premium luxury.


Front and rear seats, re-upholstered in quilted soft leather with contrast stitching, signature Kahn door panels, re-upholstered in quilted soft leather, leather stitched gear selector, centre arm rest, dashboard and door armrests, all re-upholstered along with embossed and branded Kahn seat studs make for the finishing touches that completes this distinguished interior.

Discreet Project Kahn branding completes the package – leaving no-one in any doubt as to the source of this elegant functional design and meticulous attention to detail, you will never look at a Mercedes-Benz X Class in the same way again.

Please be advised, this particular vehicle, available for £49,999.00, will no doubt hold its value, and is available in a choice of colours with a plethora of additional accessories available on request.


As the UK's leading automotive design house, Project Kahn recognises the importance of dynamic cutting-edge designs whilst staying true to the original form.


Our elegant and sculpted Mercedes Benz X Class, evolved through skilled artistic innovation, state-of-the art manufacturing and materials technology. X Class owners will testify to the exuberance of passion and sumptuous beauty of Project Kahn products.

Owning the Project Kahn X Class pertains to a level of bespoke authenticity that will bring back memories of the time honoured X Class tradition while providing up to date European styling keeping with the Rolls Royce ethos.


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