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Racing Green Latest Builds

Sep 28, 2023



Racing Green: The Next Chapter

The journey of Racing Green Automotive, which began with a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the original KAHN® Range Rover project, now takes a thrilling turn. Today, we introduce the next instalment of the Racing Green project, showcasing two satin grey Range Rovers that epitomize the essence of bespoke design and British craftsmanship.

These Range Rovers, with their subtle yet striking body kit and wheel combination, are a testament to the evolution of Racing Green's vision. The exclusive Fintail body kit, a masterpiece of design, draws its inspiration from the rich tapestry of British motorsport and aeronautics. This futuristic body kit, designed in-house specifically for the fifth-generation (L460) Range Rovers, seamlessly complements the vehicle's powerful yet understated design.


Crafted with precision, the Fintail body kit offers a range of finishes, from exposed carbon in PPF to custom-matched paint, ensuring that your Racing Green Range Rover is as unique as your style. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to tailoring your vehicle. At the front, the vehicle boasts a single sweep front bumper valance, merging flawlessly into vented front bumper extensions. This design is more than just aesthetics; it's a subtle nod to the very first KAHN® Range Rover project, a homage that speaks volumes of our deep-rooted history and commitment to innovation.


The rear of the vehicle is equally captivating. A winged diffuser, adorned with additional stabilizing fins, accentuates the design influences of the Racing Green Fintail, echoing the legacy of British engineering prowess.


But it's not just about the exterior. The interior of the Racing Green Range Rovers is a symphony of luxury and craftsmanship. From the quilted leather interior, handcrafted in Britain, to the retrimmed seats that retain their original functionality, every detail is meticulously curated for an unparalleled OEM+ experience.


On the flanks, side skirts enhance the vehicle's width, drawing influences from both the ground effect racing machines of the past and the stabilizing fins of modern fighter jets. This fusion of design elements is a testament to Racing Green's commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards. Every panel inside the Racing Green Range Rover has been touched by the magic of custom upholstery, all finished in the finest leather. This attention to detail elevates the interior experience, making each journey a luxurious adventure.


With a storied history of crafting some of the world's finest custom Range Rovers, the Racing Green project is more than just a venture; it's a vision. A vision that heralds a future-forward direction for the next generation of custom, jaw-dropping Range Rovers.

Stay tuned as we continue to redefine automotive luxury with Racing Green.


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