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Seamless Appearance

Dec 5, 2019


The Jeep story began 79 years ago at a time when Alfa Romeo and Enzo Ferrari amicably parted ways just as the United States Department of War sought to commission the design of a rugged reconnaissance vehicle for duties in a very feverish Europe.


Out of more than 130, just two companies, Willys-Overland and Bantam, stepped up, and it was the latter’s BRC 40 that formed the basis of not only a bona fide military icon but also, with the advent of the CJ-1 just four years later, an enduring post-war civilian sales success.


The JL is the fourth-generation model of the remarkable Jeep Wrangler family.


In the time it has taken the model to make it across the Atlantic and into British dealerships, more than 240,000 have already been sold in North America, making it the most popular Wrangler to date and something of a global commercial powerhouse for its Fiat Chrysler Automobiles parent company.


Thus far, Chelsea Truck Company has unveiled the new Jeep Wrangler JL Carbon Fibre front grille with 3D Mesh, thus adorning the Jeep with a stylish appearance by means of a stunning Herringbone pattern, showcasing a striking and modern contrast with a contemporary feel, thus ensuring a seamless appearance.


This sketch, of the new JL grille exudes three-dimensional form and clear-cut lines, which no doubt accentuates the silhouette of the vehicle; because this automotive accessory has a complex geometrical make up hence a very strict manifold design criteria had to be satisfied, such as style, weight, manufacturability, and performance.



Exuding the signature style of The Chelsea Truck Company, the new Jeep JL grille is an excellent replacement for your factory stock grille and is available for both two and four door models.


However, look out for additional upgrades including a stunning new Black Hawk styling package.


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