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The Road Is My Catwalk

Jan 21, 2020

By Project Kahn

Design is part of the fabric here at Kahn Design, Chelsea Truck Company and Project Kahn.

The common denominantor is the fact that we simply do not just design or 'do fashion.'

At Kahn Design we do style, because fashion trends come and go, whilst style is a way of life, it not only remains, it is ingrained within you.

This is personified by our mantra, 'The Road Is My Catwalk', coined by non-other than principal British designer, Afzal Kahn.

Our studio tailor's luxury bespoke vehicles for individuals who desire unparalleled vehicles and the company viewpoint is to always give the client what they aspire for.
Our team spends many hours developing and refining our concepts to the point of perfection.

Every vehicle along with the interior is designed to make a statement in itself and our clients enjoy the Kahn experience as much as the finished article.

Therefore, regardless of whether you own a Chelsea Truck Company or Project Kahn Vehicle, let the world know what sort of vehicle you drive by using the #TheRoadisMyCatwalk hashtag and strutting a catwalk type of walk or pose next to your vehicle.

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