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Timepiece Revolution

Jan 21, 2020


Getting behind the wheel of your Chelsea Truck Company Defender or Jeep Wrangler is a truly liberating experience.


You have politely declined an opportunity to purchase a mass manufactured standard vehicle in favour of a vehicle with the Afzal Kahn touch, as monotony is not you’re sort of thing.


Notwithstanding the fact that your CTC vehicle is a true fashionista – there is something missing – the final touch as it were.


We are talking about our new collection of timepieces….


As we all know, when you are enjoying yourself - time does indeed fly and what better way to keep track of time than a Chelsea Truck Company timepiece.


Allow Project Kahn to tell you more about our range of CTC timepieces:


The Stealth timepiece is inspired by military aircraft invisible to radar.


The construction dynamics, materials and design used to produce these timepieces share a number of common denominators with the CTC Classic Regal and Classic Noir timepieces.


The Chelsea Truck Company Stealth timepiece is a refined yet elegant. The linear aesthetic is complemented by the use of high-tech materials which consist of 40mm steel casings and a black silicon sports strap which makes for a comfortable fit on your skin and is also water resistant up to 50 metres.


The Classic Regal Watch is the sort of timepiece that one would most often than not - associate with Balmoral, Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace – such is the prestige attached to this registration.


This prestigious Chelsea Truck Company timepiece prestigious 4 HRH number plate sits magnanimously whomever’ s wrist the watch is attached to.


Available in a plethora of colours, the timepiece holds 40mm steel casing in Volcanic Black and Brushed Gold whilst the smooth strap makes for a rather comfortable fit – fit for a King or a Queen.


Not withstanding the Classic Noir Watch which is based on clean, understated lines with a contemporary touch, showcasing a touch of glamour befitting that of a lifestyle and fashion revolution.


Chelsea Truck Company embodies creativity and entrepreneurial spirit: British technology, fashion and style – setting the benchmark for quality and good taste, exported around the world.


This watch is water resistant and features a wide choice of colour combinations featuring 40mm steel casings in pastel nuances to classic understated colours.  


Look out for more news in the coming weeks ahead to find out more about our range of Chelsea Truck Company timepieces.

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