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Kahn Vengeance Green

Sep 17, 2019


Project Kahn and Chelsea Truck Company vehicles have appeared in blockbusters such as the Tom Cruise inspired, ‘The Edge Of Tomorrow’.

Nowadays, superhero centric productions are the highest-grossing movies in Tinseltown.

However, one vehicle is worthy of being thrust into a Marvel superhero movie, and that is the new Vengeance Green, a new coach built two-door coupe which represents a stunning synthesis of modern engineering and classic streamlined design.


Face on; the redesigned front bumper and wide spaced grille give the Vengeance an aggressive look, framed by widened front wings which merge seamlessly into the doors.

The signature central bulge of the bonnet continues to the highly defined lines of the roof, which flow outwards to the widened C-pillars and rear wings, lending a muscular definition to the car’s surfaces.

The roof halo curves around the large rear window to the reshaped rear where a redesigned bumper assembly houses a purpose-designed crosshair exhaust system and rear lighting.

The lightweight sculpted wheels are a perfectly balanced modern take on a retro style. The multi-spoke design and inner rim take inspiration from the classic roulette wheel, with a two-tone finish juxtaposing the central section in body colour with the diamond cut outer section.


The number of spokes increases from sixteen at the front to eighteen at the rear, lending extra visual weight to complement the augmented rear wings. This bias is reinforced by the varied width of the tyres, 225 at the front, increasing to an extreme 335 at the rear.

Mr Kahn believes this is coachbuilding in its traditional sense - taking a tried and tested product and working solely on the aesthetic.

“Inspired by the Aston Martin designs of the 1980s and 90s, the hand-built Vengeance is a coach built two-door coupe based on a new Aston Martin chassis.

“Having loved and admired Aston Martin vehicles for many years, I decided to build the vehicle of my dreams and this beautifully proportioned, elegant vehicle is likely to prove a sound investment and is expected to represent extremely good value for a limited edition coach-built car.”


Hand-made by specially trained craftsmen, meticulous levels of control and precision was required to achieve the perfect finish.

More luxurious, more refined, more elegant only the finest and most supple leather clothe the interior.


For more information on the Coachbuilt Vengeance by Kahn please visit:

Alternatively, please e-mail:

Kahn Specification
  • 9x20 Roulette in Diamond Cut on Piano Black Alloy Wheels (Front)
  • 12x21 Roulette in Diamond Cut on Piano Black Alloy Wheels (Rear)
  • Vengeance Front Grille
  • Sculpted Front Bumper in Lightweight Composite
  • Sculpted Rear Bumper in Lightweight Composite
  • Sculpted Side Skirts in Lightweight Composite
  • Hammer Formed Aluminium Door with Bulge
  • Hammer Formed Aluminium Bonnet with Power Bulge
  • Hammer Formed Aluminium Roof with Bulge
  • Hammer Formed Aluminium Front Wide Wings
  • Hammer Formed Aluminium Rear Wide Body
  • Hammer Formed Gilled Side Vents
  • Aerodynamic Carbon Lower Bumper Splitter
  • Sculpted Rear Bumper Diffuser in Visual Carbon
  • Polished Stainless Steel Roof Halo
  • DLO Trim
  • Coupe Style Rear Quarter Light
  • LED Roulette Style Tail Lights
  • Stainless Steel Crosshair Exhaust Tailpipes
  • Coach built by A. Kahn Wing Badge
  • Hand Made Fluted Seats in Leather
  • Centre Glove Box in Leather
  • Roof Headlining in Leather
  • Instrument Binnacle in Leather
  • Transmission Tunnel in Leather
  • Door Tops in Leather
  • Door Cards in Piano Black
  • Door Caps in Piano Black
  • Centre Console in Piano Black
  • Door Sill Plates in Leather





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