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Project Kahn Styling

Jan 23, 2020


Writing for Car Mag ZA – Ryan Bubear gives his take on the Kahn Mercedes Benz X Class.


In 2019, the London-based company revealed a widebody kit for the Navara-based pick up. And now the firm has announced a new version of the package.


The latest styling package includes a front grille that appears remarkably similar to Mercedes-AMG’s signature Panamerica item. There’s also a more aggressive front bumper design, complete with larger intakes, as well as a spot of bonnet intervention.


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Recognisable as a Mercedes model, like none ever seen before, the 22” G06 wheels give the vehicle a powerful disposition whilst the wheels are covered by robust front and rear vented wide wheel arches.


The exterior enhancements are almost too numerous to list, however exterior enhancements include a front bumper grille, suspension lift, side steps, protective door guards and a front bumper lower aero crash bar along with a front A bar (stainless steel) are notable additions.


Behind the privacy tinted glass, one will find that the cabin is the beneficiary of premium luxury.


Please be advised, this particular vehicle, available for £49,999.00, will no doubt hold its value, and is available in a choice of colours with a plethora of additional accessories available on request.


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