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View To A Thrill: Kahn Vengeance

Dec 5, 2019

By Mo Bhana

Full of style and charisma, this is not your average Aston Martin.


With its chic persona and design – there’s nothing like the distinctive Vengeance by Kahn - a true style icon.


Designed by Afzal Kahn, this coach built two-door coupe represents a stunning synthesis of modern engineering and classic streamlined design.

Inspired by the Aston Martin designs of the 1980s and 90s, the Vengeance is the conclusion of the British designer’s ambition to design the sort of luxury vehicle that he has always wanted to drive.

Designed to hark back to the glory days of British coach building, the hand built Vengeance is a coach built two door coupe based on an Aston Martin chassis.


Up front, the redesigned front bumper and wide spaced grille ensures the Vengeance is adorned with an assertive look complimented by widened front wings which merge seamlessly into the doors.

The signature central protrusion on the bonnet runs all the way to the highly defined eye-catching front headlights complete with LED lights add to the cars beauty along with the muscular lines which flow outwards to the widened C-pillars and rear wings, thus ensuring a muscular definition to the car’s silhouette.

The roof halo curves around the large rear window to the reshaped rear where a redesigned bumper assembly houses a purpose designed crosshair exhaust system and rear lighting.

The lightweight sculpted wheels are impeccably balanced albeit in a very modern yet retro manner.

The multi spoke design and inner rim takes inspiration from the classic roulette wheel, with a two tone finish juxtaposing the central section in body colour with the diamond cut outer section.

The number of spokes increases from sixteen at the front to eighteen at the rear, lending extra visual weight to complement the augmented rear wings. This bias is reinforced by the varied width of the tyres, 225 at the front, increasing to an extreme 335 at the rear.

Mr. Kahn believes this is coach building in its traditional sense - taking a tried and tested product and working solely on the aesthetic.

“Ever since the first Vengeance model was unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, a great deal of discerning individuals have wanted to touch and feel such a hand-crafted vehicle,” said Afzal Kahn.

 “I have worked in the industry my whole career, and I want to leave a legacy which I can be proud of.”

With the price of hand-built sports cars rising, the Vengeance is likely to prove a sound investment, and is expected to represent extremely good value for a limited-edition coach-built car.


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