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**Warning** Counterfeit KAHN® wheels

Jan 31, 2024

By Douglas Topott

Kahn Design has a long history of creating quality wheels backed up by in-house design, engineering, manufacturing, and Intellectual Property protection.

Unfortunately, not every wheel that bears the distinctive Kahn logo is in fact a Kahn wheel or meets the same standards as genuine Kahn products.

“Make no mistake, counterfeit wheels are potentially dangerous, and the consequences could be catastrophic.” These are the hard-hitting words of Afzal Kahn, CEO of the Kahn Group. The warning comes as the Police and Trading Standards have confirmed to the public that criminals are flooding the market with counterfeit car parts and accessories, including alloy wheels. Counterfeit wheels can be very hard to spot as they carry the trademarks of well-known car manufacturers or legitimate after-market wheel brands.

“You are unwittingly putting the lives of yourself, your friends and your family at risk. At the very least, you will end up paying more in the long run,” continued Mr Kahn.

After completing tests and analysing a number of counterfeit wheels, Kahn Design has concluded the counterfeit wheels are dangerous and could lead to serious injury or death.

“Counterfeiting is common around the world but when it comes to wheels, we are talking about serious hazards.

We have received complaints from people on the basis that wheels are breaking, snapping, or even falling off. In some cases, they have been very lucky not to have been killed. However, the damage to cars has also been very serious.”

Mr Kahn has vowed to begin legal action against the sellers every time the company is alerted to a confirmed counterfeit Kahn product. The company encourages anyone who finds a fake product to contact Kahn directly.

“Testing shows that counterfeit, or replica, wheels are typically of deeply inferior quality. In some cases, they are barely capable of carrying the vehicle’s unloaded weight, let alone any added passengers or goods,” added Mr Kahn.

“If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Criminals within the industry are selling these wheels at very low prices and, unfortunately, unsuspecting customers can be taken in by this perceived value. But, please, don’t fall for it. We will offer a reward to people who provide information which leads to a conviction.”

Authentic Kahn alloy wheels, on the other hand, are produced to high quality and safety standards, even more so when it comes to specialty alloy wheels meant for off-road vehicles or high-performance cars.

Kahn Design, and the Group’s other well-known brands, Project Kahn and Chelsea Truck Company, continue to coordinate with law enforcement all around the world to crack down on these unscrupulous dealers, and bring them to justice.

Should you wish to verify the authenticity of any set of Kahn wheels please e-mail us on

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