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Welcome to Project Kahn

Sep 10, 2019


Welcome to the Project Kahn website, our brand new shopping platform and media hub that has been designed with the customer experience at the forefront of every decision.


Everything down to the finest detail has been carefully selected by Afzal Kahn to ensure that we have set the benchmark for the industry once again - this isn’t just a vehicle website, it’s automotive fashion... and there’s nothing else like it in the world.


Finding what you need is effortless with our advanced search and filter functions. Browse by individual vehicle parts/products or see all items for your exact car make and model. Our apparel and merch stock is ever-growing by demand too, so be sure to register for an account to make sure you receive all of our latest news and updates.


From our forged spun wheels right down to the individual wheel nuts, from body kits to new headlights - we provide what you need to build your dream car the right way, many have imitated our designs over the years but no designer has ever continued to set new standards like Afzal Kahn. 


Project Kahn was originally born for designing and styling bespoke Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles… it has now grown into something much bigger - Project Kahn is Great Britain's first Automotive Fashion House.

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