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Work hard drive cool

Jul 28, 2021


Although some people describe their lifestyle with the phrase 'Work Hard, Play Hard', until recently there's been no real proof that those who push themselves in a career eventually get to drive the car they have always dreamt of owning.


The lack of clarity about the entire philosophy, prompted academic Laura Crimi to test the 'Work Hard, Play Hard' hypothesis.


The study, published in The Open Psychology Journal, involved an online survey of almost 1400 undergraduates at Queen's University.


Questions were asked to measure each student's attitude toward several aspects of life: queries related to work included whether it's important to get the highest grades and have a prestigious job, for example, whereas questions about play included whether sports and watching movies are important to happiness.


“People who work hard really do play hard,” says Laura. The results show that almost 40 percent of the data is explained by the link between accomplishment and leisure.


Both were also correlated with mortality salience, which suggests that understanding certain lifestyles actually influences whether you're motivated to succeed in life.


One such car, that many seem to crave, yet only those who work hard and play hard eventually earn their goal of purchasing the Chelsea Truck Company Black Hawk edition.


One of the most innovative Jeep Wrangler models in the world, the design and development of the Black Hawk Edition was overseen by Creative Director, Afzal Kahn, who has created a stylish icon – brimming with fashionable British couture and American might.


Stunning front and rear wheel arches give the Jeep Wrangler Black Hawk a distinctive look, whilst an Iron Man vented bonnet enhances the aggressive silhouette of the vehicle.


A trademark four slot front grille, a Volcanic Rock exterior, headlights, privacy glass, Chelsea Truck wheels paired with all terrain tyres, painted callipers and a stainless steel quad exhaust system, ensures the vehicle would not look out of place in a Hollywood inspired blockbuster.


As for the interior, front GTB sports seats have been reupholstered in quilted Black Matrix leather, with matching leather trim to the centre glove box and armrests.


Furthermore, vented foot pedals in machined aluminium and stainless steel sill plates complete the package.


With such attention to detail - it is of little surprise that automotive trade specialists, CAP, have previously stated the Black Hawk edition maintains a residual value of 35% above the standard Jeep Wrangler.





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