6.1 You may cancel the Contract no later than 48 hours from placing your order.

6.2 To exercise your right to cancel you must write to us and deliver it by hand, or send it to us by post, or fax or email to the address at condition 14.1, giving details of the Goods ordered, (where appropriate) their delivery and the fact that you are cancelling the Contract.

6.3 If you cancel the Contract according to condition 6.1 then you must return any Goods held by you to us at your own cost. We may collect Goods from you again at your own cost. You must keep any Goods to be returned to us in good condition and the original packaging. Upon cancellation we will return any money that you have paid to us but where you have paid us a deposit under condition 3.5 we reserve the right to retain your deposit in full and invoice You for any other reasonable charges and expenses we have incurred in respect of the manufacture of the Goods and/or the supply of the Services under Your Contract.

Please note: condition 6 applies to a cancellation of any Contract, except where Goods and/or Services have been ordered by You as a consumer over the telephone, fax, or internet or by email (for which condition 7 below applies).