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Size Front Wheel: 9x18"
Size Rear Wheel: 9x18"
Colour: Matt Black
Material: RS-Forged
Copyright Design By Kahn Design
Enquire MODEL: ROSTYLE INSPIRED - Black Wheels

The renowned Rostyle wheel was an option for the Land Rover Defender 90 from its inception in 1983 right up until 1995 - meaning the Defender became the last vehicle that offered them as new.

Our Rostyle RS-Forged Light Alloy Wheel was designed with this in mind and created for the purist who desires a more retro-classic look for their Defender.

There are, of course, other Rostyle inspired wheels on the market but our Rostyle Inspired is much more deserving of its legacy. Look at this deep dish design and you will see that we haven't tried to replicate the Rostyle, but actually improve on it so that it is suited for the Defender of today.

These wheels are not original equipment manufacturer (OEM) - these are aftermarket wheels designed and manufactured by KAHN®.




Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the ROSTYLE INSPIRED wheels stand out for the Land Rover Defender?

The ROSTYLE INSPIRED wheels pay homage to the classic Rostyle, a Land Rover Defender 90 option from 1983 to 1995. Crafted as RS-Forged Light Alloy Wheels, they offer a retro-classic look designed for purists seeking a unique and improved aesthetic for their Defender.

How do the ROSTYLE INSPIRED wheels improve upon the original Rostyle design?

Unlike other Rostyle-inspired wheels, our ROSTYLE INSPIRED features a deep-dish design that goes beyond replication, enhancing the classic Rostyle look. The improvement is tailored for the Defender of today, providing a distinctive and modern touch.

Why is the Land Rover Defender considered the last vehicle to offer the Rostyle as a new option?

The Rostyle wheel was offered for the Land Rover Defender 90 from its inception in 1983 until 1995, making the Defender the last vehicle to feature them as a new option. Our ROSTYLE INSPIRED wheels carry forward this legacy, designed for enthusiasts who appreciate this historical connection.

Can I customize the appearance of the ROSTYLE INSPIRED wheels?

Yes, the ROSTYLE INSPIRED wheels are available in a choice of paint and finishes, allowing you to customize their appearance with Khan Designs. This ensures a personalized look that aligns with your preferences and complements your Land Rover Defender.

Are the ROSTYLE INSPIRED wheels suitable for Land Rover Defender models beyond 1995?

The ROSTYLE INSPIRED wheels are specifically designed for Land Rover Defender models from 1991 to 2016. While they may fit other models, compatibility with vehicles beyond this range is not guaranteed. It's recommended to consult with professionals for fitment advice.

How does the deep-dish design of the ROSTYLE INSPIRED wheels contribute to their aesthetics?

The deep-dish design of the ROSTYLE INSPIRED wheels adds depth and character, creating a visually appealing and distinct appearance for your Land Rover Defender. This design element enhances the retro-classic look with a modern twist.

Are the ROSTYLE INSPIRED wheels original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket?

The ROSTYLE INSPIRED wheels are aftermarket products, designed and manufactured by KAHN®. They bring precision and a unique design to enthusiasts seeking an enhanced and improved Rostyle-inspired look for their Defender.

How does the ROSTYLE INSPIRED wheel suit the Defender of today?

The ROSTYLE INSPIRED wheels are specifically crafted to suit the modern Land Rover Defender, offering an improved design that blends retro-classic aesthetics with contemporary style. The result is a unique look that complements the Defender of today.

What should I consider when fitting the ROSTYLE INSPIRED wheels on my Land Rover Defender?

Refer to the fitting guide provided for Land Rover Defender (1991-2016) to ensure proper installation. Following the recommended guidelines will help achieve the best fit and performance for your ROSTYLE INSPIRED wheels.

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