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Range Rover (2022-Present) RS-2 Light Alloy Wheels By Kahn Refined in the UK By Kahn

$3,696 INC.VAT

Set Of 4

Enquire Range Rover (2022-Present) RS-2 Light Alloy Wheels

Size Front Wheel: 9.5 x 23"
Size Rear Wheel: 9.5 x 23"
Colour: Satin Black
Vehicle Fitment: Range Rover (2022-Present)
Copyright Design By Kahn Design
Part Number: WAKRF9357M1C

Introducing the RS-2 Forged Light Alloy Wheels, a perfect embodiment of elegance and engineering precision, tailored exclusively for the fifth generation Range Rover platform (L460).

Measuring at a striking 23 inches, these wheels showcase a unique multi-spoke design that is bound to turn heads. The meticulous craftsmanship is evident in every curve and edge, ensuring your Range Rover stands out in any crowd. But the RS-2 wheels are not just about aesthetics. Crafted with precision, these high-quality forged rims offer advantages that go beyond their stunning appearance.

Compared to equivalent cast wheels, the RS-2 Forged wheels are both lighter and stronger. This translates to enhanced ride quality and handling dynamics, ensuring your Range Rover delivers an unparalleled driving experience. For those who prioritize both style and performance, these wheels are an impeccable choice.

Elevate the presence and performance of your Range Rover with the RS-2 Forged Light Alloy Wheels. Dive into a world where luxury meets functionality, and every journey becomes a statement of sophistication.

NOTE: These wheels require a wheel bolt conversion kit available at an additional cost, please speak to a member of a specialist sales team for more information.

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